Czech Streets 139

Luxurious MILF fucked in a public bus

Dear fans of fucking in public places, you're really going to enjoy yourselves today. I hooked up with a redheaded lady who was just getting on the bus and during the ride, I talked her into showing me her tits. When she let the slobs out, right there among the passengers, I almost fell under the seat. Oh, my God, you guys, you've never seen tits like that in your life! Then I noticed a very interesting blonde MILF sitting in the back of the bus. Her name was Lucie, she was coming back from work and she told me she was married. I offered her a lot of cash if she'd show her tits too, and surprisingly she agreed. So I added more money to the pot and soon she had my dick down her throat. Friends, that was one hell of a ride. I fucked that gorgeous MILF in the back of a moving bus full of people and to make sure she didn't forget me, I cum all inside of her pussy. Well, I really shouldn't have done that. Beautiful Mistress Lucie got a load of cum and when she got off, the cum dripped all over the floor and even outside on the sidewalk. I fucked that up! That woman cursed me to my tenth knee. You gotta see this. Also, I'm begging the guy in the black van that was filming me fucking her, to get in touch, I'm sure we can work something out.

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Czech Streets 134

Girls from Hairdressing Tech

Guys, I think I have fallen in love with the entire hairdressing Tech class. I caught a bunch of students from Prague Tech having a smoke behind the school. I've never seen anything like it before, it's a total gossip ring. One was prettier than the other, but they didn't shut up for a second. Of course, when I pulled cash out of my pocket, I suddenly became the center of their attention. The brave one was the beautiful Nathalia and the surprisingly nerdy Ancha, one showing her tits and the other flashing her bare ass at me. The prettiest of them, Nathalia, wanted all the money and I hit the jackpot. They took me to their apartment and that's where it got really hot. Just as I was fucking the pretty Nathalia from behind in the bathroom, the other crazy teens came in. Oh, that was so cool! But the girls didn't want to join in, so I gave Nathalia a hard fuck. Let me tell you, it was the best fuck I've ever had, and she showed me how she rides her teddy bear every day. Girls, go study to be hairdressers because this is really golden trade. And the rest of you, enjoy this incredible episode of Czech Streets.

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Czech Streets 131

Food Porn Orgy with 28wk's pregnant!

Greetings to all the friends of Czech streets and everyone who are into food fetish. Today I have a special one for you that you won't understand. I've met a pregnant girl who looked like she was shopping in Second Hand only. Her name was Claudia, and the last time she saw money was when she got her benefits paid. When we were at our best, her husband came out of their squat. They invited me in, and that's where it started. I was handing out money like Santa, and they were doing the most unbelievable show together. The dude pissed all over the chick while they were fucking and then pissed all over her. I stuffed a salami in her cunt and she shoved in zucchini as big as a baseball after! Double hole training for childbirth! That was a blast! The most perverse Czech streets ever. You gotta see this, and I'm away to get fresh air.

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Czech Streets 138 part 2

Watching Girls Taking Shower

They're not gonna get me that easily. I got kicked out of the gym, so I went back in through the girls' showers. After the mess with the horny teacher, I had to solve the overflow in the sack somehow. I waited until the girls' gym class was over and sneaked into the showers. I had a great time watching on those naked young pussies and when I was discovered, I walked in. A bundle of Czech cash works perfectly on Czech girls, it works perfectly, it's been proven over the years. The prettiest of them, busty brunette Denise, was the quickest to grab the cash. But the unexpected problem was that her classmates didn't want to leave the scene and were they getting ready to make a Mexican wave or something? Beautiful Denise sucked like a goddess and had such a tight pussy that I soon cum all over her ass. When she was bouncing on my cock, those fancy jugs of hers almost slapped my face. It didn't take long and the next round I spurted a nice load on her tummy. This is how I expect a successful start to the new school year. How about you?

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Czech Streets 145

A quickie on a fast train with an unfaithful beauty

Now that was a ride, dear and kind fans of Czech streets. I took the train out to the country to see my grandmother. I took the camera with me, just in case. I tried to talk three young girls into a compartment, but they wiped me out. It was in the next compartment that I came across some decent size 6 natural material! I paid a pretty fat premium for the size, but the bagpipes were worth it. Well, in the next carriage, I discovered a gold mine. Gorgeous 18 years old Vanessa was traveling with her dude and he made the fatal mistake of going to the toilet. The beautiful dark-haired girl was incredibly greedy and got dragged into another carriage for a hefty sum. I was fucking that unfaithful princess and just as I was loading what I could fit in her, two teenage girls started stalking us from the corridor. Oh, man! And then the circus started. boyfriend started chasing Vanessa on the phone, and just as I was about to cum on the beautiful slut, the conductor caught us! What a mess, guys!

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