Czech Streets 152

Quickie with Busty Black Girl

Dear friends of well-paid fuck, you won't believe who I chatted up at the bus stop. A real black girl from real Africa with big tits and an even bigger ass. Her name was Lexi and she looked like a member of the legendary band Boney M. I suggested I show her the beauty of Czech architecture and she agreed. When she least expected it, I waved my hard-earned Czech cash in her face and made an indecent offer of interracial intercourse. Although she kept talking about her Czech boyfriend and how she loved it in Prague, my big white cock caught her attention at first. Before she could change her mind she had me in her mouth and within moments I was fucking her from behind to enjoy her luxurious mega-ass. It was a quick action ending with a dose of white fuck on her big black asshole and I sent her back to her Czech boyfriend who will be beside himself with happiness when he jerks off at Czech Streets tomorrow morning. So have fun.

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Czech Streets 139

Luxurious MILF fucked in a public bus

Dear fans of fucking in public places, you're really going to enjoy yourselves today. I hooked up with a redheaded lady who was just getting on the bus and during the ride, I talked her into showing me her tits. When she let the slobs out, right there among the passengers, I almost fell under the seat. Oh, my God, you guys, you've never seen tits like that in your life! Then I noticed a very interesting blonde MILF sitting in the back of the bus. Her name was Lucie, she was coming back from work and she told me she was married. I offered her a lot of cash if she'd show her tits too, and surprisingly she agreed. So I added more money to the pot and soon she had my dick down her throat. Friends, that was one hell of a ride. I fucked that gorgeous MILF in the back of a moving bus full of people and to make sure she didn't forget me, I cum all inside of her pussy. Well, I really shouldn't have done that. Beautiful Mistress Lucie got a load of cum and when she got off, the cum dripped all over the floor and even outside on the sidewalk. I fucked that up! That woman cursed me to my tenth knee. You gotta see this. Also, I'm begging the guy in the black van that was filming me fucking her, to get in touch, I'm sure we can work something out.

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Czech Streets 145

A quickie on a fast train with an unfaithful beauty

Now that was a ride, dear and kind fans of Czech streets. I took the train out to the country to see my grandmother. I took the camera with me, just in case. I tried to talk three young girls into a compartment, but they wiped me out. It was in the next compartment that I came across some decent size 6 natural material! I paid a pretty fat premium for the size, but the bagpipes were worth it. Well, in the next carriage, I discovered a gold mine. Gorgeous 18 years old Vanessa was traveling with her dude and he made the fatal mistake of going to the toilet. The beautiful dark-haired girl was incredibly greedy and got dragged into another carriage for a hefty sum. I was fucking that unfaithful princess and just as I was loading what I could fit in her, two teenage girls started stalking us from the corridor. Oh, man! And then the circus started. boyfriend started chasing Vanessa on the phone, and just as I was about to cum on the beautiful slut, the conductor caught us! What a mess, guys!

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Czech Streets 28

Beautiful and expensive

I love summer because it is full of beautiful girls dressed "economically". Only a fool would sit at home, so I grabbed the camera and went out, direction of the pool. Again, I turned into the role of agent of a modeling agency and plunged into action. But then an absolutely incredible thing happened. When I was in the middle of persuading one girl, the girl named Lucka, who I had recorded on New Year's Eve. You sure remember this beautiful blonde, because she did not want to fuck on camera. She was really mad at me because that video completely ruined her life. I took her for coffee in order to calm her down, but it was no fun, because the girl really was in serious trouble. I got an idea of helping her with a proper package instant dough for a fuck. The nasty chick asked for one hundred thousand, but she had no idea that I will give her. I called my buddy and swiftly got the money, because that beautiful pussy was really worth for it. What do you think?

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Czech Streets 9

Beauty on train

I was expecting the girls to be in a need for money after Christmas, but it was a big mistake. For two days I wandered around Prague just for a couple of interviews then ended up with nothing at all. I was really fed up with this so I headed for a station, direction home. But then suddenly a beautifu law student of Charles University named Veronica came across my way. I was so horny that I bet everything on this one card and joined her on a way to Brno. Along the way I got to know everything including the information she is quite fond of money. I finally had to sped all of my money in order to get her and offer her 30 thousand. But it was an excellent investment, because she was really beautiful. Finally the conductor took care of a little bit of adrenaline as he came just when she had my cock in her beautiful mouth. I will hardly ever forget about sex with her and I am send my greetings to Brno!

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Czech Streets 131

Food Porn Orgy with 28wk's pregnant!

Greetings to all the friends of Czech streets and everyone who are into food fetish. Today I have a special one for you that you won't understand. I've met a pregnant girl who looked like she was shopping in Second Hand only. Her name was Claudia, and the last time she saw money was when she got her benefits paid. When we were at our best, her husband came out of their squat. They invited me in, and that's where it started. I was handing out money like Santa, and they were doing the most unbelievable show together. The dude pissed all over the chick while they were fucking and then pissed all over her. I stuffed a salami in her cunt and she shoved in zucchini as big as a baseball after! Double hole training for childbirth! That was a blast! The most perverse Czech streets ever. You gotta see this, and I'm away to get fresh air.

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Czech Streets 35

The most beautiful 18 y/o in the world

You know me, always trying different tricks to catch the beautiful girls and ladies. After recent problems in last episode, I got a perfect idea. I came up with an ad that looking for new faces to fashion, I publish it and waited for who was caught in the net. I rent friend's office, where I was to walk any adepts. Enrolled a total of ten young girls, and some of them, of course, the prettiest, I have choose for you. One of them was literally own beautiful. Her name was Marketa and she was eighteen. I did an interview with her, took photos, and she was about to leave, I went on the offensive. Without the package, I blurted out at her that she will be supermodel and I pay her 30.000,-CZK, if she fuck with me. Quarter of an hour she was thinking about it and finally agreed. I admit that I was out of it completely out, but I did not stop the tuck up her beautiful, close pussy. Guys, it was unreal. Look at it yourself, but to me, it's the prettiest girl in the concrete history of Czech Streets. What do you think?

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Czech Streets 138 part 2

Watching Girls Taking Shower

They're not gonna get me that easily. I got kicked out of the gym, so I went back in through the girls' showers. After the mess with the horny teacher, I had to solve the overflow in the sack somehow. I waited until the girls' gym class was over and sneaked into the showers. I had a great time watching on those naked young pussies and when I was discovered, I walked in. A bundle of Czech cash works perfectly on Czech girls, it works perfectly, it's been proven over the years. The prettiest of them, busty brunette Denise, was the quickest to grab the cash. But the unexpected problem was that her classmates didn't want to leave the scene and were they getting ready to make a Mexican wave or something? Beautiful Denise sucked like a goddess and had such a tight pussy that I soon cum all over her ass. When she was bouncing on my cock, those fancy jugs of hers almost slapped my face. It didn't take long and the next round I spurted a nice load on her tummy. This is how I expect a successful start to the new school year. How about you?

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Czech Streets 8

Anal for money

This time I probably went too far. Under the guise of competition for the best underwear, I caught wonderful and very pretty Zuzka right on the street. I managed to pull her to the toilet of one bar and as she was really beautiful and I was really horny as always, I finally made her earn money to buy a luxurious handbag! In return, I fucked her great ass out and gave her mouth a full load of cum. But anyway, she was one really damned expensive bitch. It went quite good in the bar, so I got some more money from the ATM and went on hunting. Nice girls, few words and barriers fell down. I made three friends try some lesbian games in the toilet and the other three girls just stripped for me right at the snooker table. Sweet end of this challenging evening was pretty Sonia. She showed me how nicely she can pee and then she slipped her entire hand right into her pussy. It was a terrific ride, but it really cost me a lot of money.

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Czech Streets 134

Girls from Hairdressing Tech

Guys, I think I have fallen in love with the entire hairdressing Tech class. I caught a bunch of students from Prague Tech having a smoke behind the school. I've never seen anything like it before, it's a total gossip ring. One was prettier than the other, but they didn't shut up for a second. Of course, when I pulled cash out of my pocket, I suddenly became the center of their attention. The brave one was the beautiful Nathalia and the surprisingly nerdy Ancha, one showing her tits and the other flashing her bare ass at me. The prettiest of them, Nathalia, wanted all the money and I hit the jackpot. They took me to their apartment and that's where it got really hot. Just as I was fucking the pretty Nathalia from behind in the bathroom, the other crazy teens came in. Oh, that was so cool! But the girls didn't want to join in, so I gave Nathalia a hard fuck. Let me tell you, it was the best fuck I've ever had, and she showed me how she rides her teddy bear every day. Girls, go study to be hairdressers because this is really golden trade. And the rest of you, enjoy this incredible episode of Czech Streets.

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Czech Streets 16

Princess and Mom

I must admit that I had a really good day that day. I went out with my camera to do a public inquiry, which went straight to the point. I asked Prague girls and women what they thought about stripping for money. My strategy had an unexpectedly rapid success. I talked one fantastic pretty blonde into a beautiful handjob. It was difficult, but I gave her some pressure and she unbent. Although she was a little annoyed that I had cummed on her sweater, but I hope she didn't mind. In conclusion, Finally I caught a nice mature brunette in my net, who was just going back home from shopping. First she seemed to kick my balls, but when I offered her some quick dough into the pot she made up her mind and pulled me into the bushes. Her husband, who was waiting at home just one block away for beverage she had for him in a plastic bag, seemed to pretty neglect her, because she fucked like hell. The busty lady even wanted my phone number so I could come fuck her more often. Something like this never happened to me.

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Czech Streets 15

Peeing on 18 y/o

So I have another piece for you. I took advantage of good weather, waiting for my next girl in the park. It went unprecedentedly well, because I had two girls stripped and one amazing eighteen-year old girl fucked. I bow down to the girl, who got completely undressed in the bushes, because she was quite shy and she was struggling with hes moral convictions all the time. But quick money just know how to do wonders. Anyway the sweet eighteen turned to be a pretty female devil. Encouraged and proper package of money in my pocket, I shagged her at the tree in a nearby park. It started to rain and so she wallowed in the mud. It was really good, she fucked like hell, swallowing sperm, and she even posed for me when peeing. Come and have a look at it, it's really hardcore.

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