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Real Czech Gypsies Reloaded

Return to Chanov? Big mistake, all my friends said. But you loyal fans of fucking for money wanted me to go back to the crime scene and I did Czech streets mainly for you. So here you have it, Chanov, a wonderland, where you can buy everything for money. First, an old Gypsy woman told me my future in the cards, for money, how else. Then a tough Gypsy sold me his old, former Miss Chanov 1999. He quickly packed up the money and disappeared into a Gypsy ATM. I'll tell you, fucking an old gypsy hooker without rubber is really adrenaline. But just before I was done, her 18-year-old girl came. They almost quarreled over my scraper and eventually wagged me like a stolen hen. Her stepmom was watching, and I fucked her stepdaughter. That was an incredible massacre! I sprayed all the way to Litvinov. But the crazy pimp came back unexpectedly and I was fucked! Money gone, camera gone and I ran without shoes and no pants across Chanov for life. Guys, I'll never go back there! Don't ask for it again, please.

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